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For a better future

IBHO Management UG was founded by Ingo Hoffmann in 2021.

Over the last 10 years, Ingo Hoffmann has worked intensively on the topics of digital transformation and the application of artificial intelligence (AI) in private and public organizations. He worked for 5 years at IBM Watson Health, helped to establish the Tübingen AI Competence Center ( and the Cyber Valley Initiative ( as a strategic consultant, and worked as head of the AI ecosystem of the appliedAI Initiative ( of UnternehmerTUM. At AI for Hamburg GmbH, he has promoted the knowledge and use of AI in companies in northern Germany (

Since 2018, Mr. Hoffmann has been supporting the German government in shaping the German AI strategy and was appointed by the German government in 2020 as a German expert for the Global Partnership on AI ( He also supports the Federal Agency for Disruptive Innovation ( as an expert on AI.

As Founder of IBHO Management and Member of the Board of ADI Innovation ( he advises founders, managers, financial investors and public institutions on new technologies and the use of artificial intelligence. With his company IBHO Management and as co-founder of the AI Fund (, he invests in European AI startups.

A new age of intelligence

Ingo Hoffmann is writing about the innovative possibilities of Digital Technologies and Artificial Intelligence on his Blog – focusing on the adoption and application of these technologies in enterprises, public organisations and our society. For a better future.


Driven by the exponential growth of digital data (Internet) and computing power (cloud computing, GPUs) and new insights from research, the old paradigms of machine learning and especially deep learning are now working in practice. We now have AI systems that can “learn” based on induction. This has opened up possibilities for real solutions in many areas – and the use of AI is now growing exponentially.


Innovation has always been critical to the development and growth of organizations of all kinds. Companies must innovate to remain competitive. Same for countries. This is even more true in the exponential age we are now entering.


Fighting the climate crisis and achieving the UN Sustainability goals are likely the most important goals for the next decade. Artificial Intelligence is the key technology which can help us here – for a better future 

Ingo Hoffmann

Ingo Hoffmann

Founder and MD


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